TAVAT presents collection “Ex-Cam.” An eyewear collection inspired by the world of luxury travel with frames designed for the adventurer in all of us.




EX-CAM design

Simplicity & Functionality. TAVAT’s Ex-Cam Sunglasses are designed to fit perfectly and meet the performance needs of Pilots and anyone else who appreciates comfort, protection and high-definition viewing offered by our melanin lenses. Our bayonet temples give an original touch to the classic style of our Ex-Cam frames. They are manufactured with medical stainless steel and fit comfortably with extended daily wear as well as with headphones or under a helmet.

Ex-Cam Inspiration

TAVAT draws upon the world of luxury travel for inspiration.

The Traveling Man goes by air. He is someone that is on the move and enjoys the moment.

Ex-Cam gives the individual the choice to live in his lifestyle: from city-to-city, he is a fast-moving globetrotter. He has no office but a tight schedule to adhere to. Ex-Cam is the ideal companion for an extraordinary voyage.

Ex-Cam Hinge

TAVAT’s Signature Ex-Cam Hinge guarantees a high-tech mechanical precision, from opening to closing there is a fluid motion, accompanied by a burst of energy that gives the whole a feeling of precision and quality.

How does it work? All of this is allowed due to the study of a sliding cam, it’s relationship to the double wires connected by the barrel and the insertion of a spring hidden inside the hinge working in compression over time.

This precise engineering, favours the temple to open and close with a typical “click” sounding movement, which gives a high-quality and technical print to the whole frame. Norman was passionate about form, function and feel.


Ex-Cam / mod. Ace II

code AM001S

Ex-Cam / mod. Ace I

code AM001T

Ex-Cam / mod. Chinook II

code AM002S

Ex-Cam / mod. Chinook I

code AM002T

Ex-Cam / mod. Lancer I

code AM003T

Ex-Cam / mod. Edge II

code AM008S

Ex-Cam / mod. Edge I

code AM008T

Ex-Cam / mod. Gizmo

code AM010T

Ex-Cam / mod. Bogey

code AM011T

Ex-Cam / mod. Wingman II

code AM012S

Ex-Cam / mod. Wingman I

code AM012T

Ex-Cam / mod. Driver II

code AM013S

Ex-Cam / mod. Driver I

code AM013T

Ex-Cam / mod. Drift II

code AM014S

Ex-Cam / mod. Drift I

code AM014T

Ex-Cam / mod. Split II

code AM015S

Ex-Cam / mod. Split I

code AM015T

Ex-Cam / mod. Hawk II

code AM016S

Ex-Cam / mod. Hawk I

code AM016T

Ex-Cam / mod. Bolt

code AM017T

Ex-Cam / mod. Felix

code EX227T

Ex-Cam / mod. Amelia

code EX403T

Ex-Cam / mod. Sierra

code EX408T

Ex-Cam / mod. Bandit C

code EX409C

Ex-Cam / mod. Bandit

code EX409T

Ex-Cam / mod. Boola

code EX410T


Ex-Cam / mod. Chinook I

code AM002T

Ex-Cam / mod. Hawk I

code AM016T

Ex-Cam / mod. Felix

code EX227T

Ex-Cam / mod. Mylo

code EX228T

Ex-Cam / mod. Jude

code EX307T

Ex-Cam / mod. Orlando

code EX311T

Ex-Cam / mod. Roman

code EX313T

Ex-Cam / mod. Arthur

code EX314T

Ex-Cam / mod. Hugo

code EX315T

Ex-Cam / mod. Owain

code EX401T

Ex-Cam / mod. Xavier

code EX404T

Ex-Cam / mod. Logan

code EX405T

Ex-Cam / mod. Finn

code EX406T

Ex-Cam / mod. Mabel

code EX411T