TAVAT’s latest collection ‘Motus,’ which means ‘movement’ in Latin, is all about interweaving old and new
craftsmanship techniques. The collection embraces the notion that in order to build our future, we must
look to our past.

History is cyclical, past triumphs in technical advancements do carve our current developments in new and
exciting ways.

The result, is a harmonious experience: a nod to the old, while interweaving the advancements of today, and
giving way for a product that will endure for tomorrow.


It’s as if we are all emerging from our own dark age after these last few years.
With remote working and socializing becoming de rigueur, there is less penchant for flamboyant gestures and a renewed emphasis
on styles that endure.

We had the opportunity to turn inward and reflect, while never forgetting the notion that we must move forward. This inspired
our way of thinking paving way for our latest collection: “Motus.”

Tactility is the essential ambition… given how dispiritingly hands-off and touch sensitive we have become. The collection is
comprised of bold frames that captivate with their sculptural forms and tactile materials. There’s a laid back yet luxurious mood.

Utilizing gears, one of the oldest equipment known to mankind, yet evermore used today, we have developed our new double-gear
hinge, which has been designed to endure and stand-up to the bold frames we take center stage with.

By honoring the past and examining the technological achievements of our ancient ancestors, and embracing the present where
our lives have been shaped by our ability to create and manipulate new materials, this is inspiring our future, giving a sense of
optimism and improvisation fit for uncertain times.