TAVAT’s “SPAMCan Collection” draws inspiration from the 1940’s when the attack on Pearl Harbor led to the entry of America into WWII. Food was short and SPAM, the canned cooked meat, became increasingly popular, especially in Hawaii. The love a air started then and to this day, SPAM remains a staple food, serving a proper place in their culinary tradition and its appeal has no boundaries.
TAVAT playfully brings their original “SoupCan” design into the next decade, by releasing an eyewear collection inspired by the quadratical tin can.
Each style is made with great attention to detail, by hand, in northern Italy.


SpamCan in made from a blend of di erent alloys composed of bronze, zinc and nickel. Each frame is then applied with a protective coating in order to guarantee that the product conforms to international standards.
The overall construction is an elaborate work-of-art consisting of 27 components.
Our glasses combine the latest in manufacturing technologies while always remaining true to our artisanal roots. Each frame undergoes more than 100 handmade steps, and is meticulously quality controlled throughout each work cycle.
Each frame is created with focus, precision and passion and celebrates the know-how of individuals with decades of experience.

SpamCan Sun

SpamCan Optical