Simplicity & Functionality. TAVAT’s Ex-Cam Sunglasses are designed to fit perfectly and meet the performance needs of Pilots and anyone else who appreciates comfort, protection and high-definition viewing offered by our melanin lenses.
Our bayonet temples give an original touch to the classic style of our Ex-Cam frames. They are manufactured with medical stainless steel and fit comfortably with extended daily wear as well as with headphones or under a helmet.


TAVAT draws upon the world of luxury travel for inspiration.
The Traveling Man goes by air. He is someone that is on the move and enjoys the moment.
Ex-Cam gives the individual the choice to live in his lifestyle: from city-to-city, he is a fast- moving globetrotter. He has no choice but a tight schedule to adhere to.
Ex-Cam is the ideal companion for an extraordinary voyage.


TAVAT’s Signature Ex-Cam Hinge guarantees a high-tech mechanical precision, from opening to closing there is a fluid motion, accompanied by a burst of energy that gives the whole a feeling of precision and quality.
How does it work? All of this is allowed due to the study of a sliding cam, it’s relationship to the double wires connected by the barrel and the insertion of a spring hidden inside the hinge working in compression over time.
This precise engineering, favours the temple to open and close with a typical “click” sounding movement, which gives a high-quality and technical print to the whole frame. Norman was passionate about form, function and feel.

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