We believe…

We believe there are too many frames in the world and not enough that are created with passion.

We believe that the passion of a frame comes from the intention with which it is created and the attention with which it is made.

We believe in drawing from a pool of diverse inspirations.

We believe that creativity isn’t linear, moments of magic can come from anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with different perspectives, even if it creates friction.

We believe in meandering sans map, discovering the unknown, being pushed outside of our comfort zone and coloring outside of the lines.

We believe in listening and collaborating with people who intimately know their craft.

We never settle for “We can’t” nor “It’s not possible.”

We believe in craftsmanship techniques, old and new.

We believe that everything we make, must be functional.

We believe in not taking any shortcuts in the products we create. We utilize the best quality of materials available, interweaving advanced technical functionality with a focus on materials, construction and intricate eyewear techniques.

We believe that luxury is an extraordinary journey between products and experiences: celebrating the most precious of beauty, adhering to the highest performance standards, and allowing for the most exclusive creations.

We know that our greatest muse is our customers who inspire us every day to create, and to explore what’s beyond.

Inspire. Create. Innovate. Design.

TAVAT: Designed for Life’s Creators.