We are an independent, family-owned company based in the foothills of the Dolomites. We specialize in providing technical products, with each frame produced in small batches by some of the best eyewear artisans in Northern Italy.

The ambition of TAVAT was to keep developing innovative products with the ‘TAVAT Touch,’ a perceivable technical imprint, which can be experienced in every frame. With each style, we continue to test the limits of manufacturing, without compromising in any detail. We have always remained true to this vision, because our commitment hasn’t changed to this day.

Our Vision:

We aim to be an expressive medium for the Creators. We see the world through your eyes: where your hands make what your mind sees. We strive to capture that essence of pure craftsmanship and its realization.

Our Mission:

To create iconic and identifiable eyewear that stands the test of time. To provide curated collections that focus on style, fit, and function, while never unwavering in our commitment to quality and detail. We build by hand what we want to see.

TAVAT was conceptualized by our founder, Jeremy Baines, who envisioned curating an optical brand that focused on excellence in eyecare. Launched in 2010, with the commitment of not taking any short-cuts and to create eyewear that makes a statement unto itself, yet its quality is seen, felt and experienced.

These fundamental values remain the benchmark today, as Jeremy’s children: Roberta and Ian, manage the day-to-day operations. Our team is comprised of like-minded individuals, from an array of designers of various cultures and backgrounds, eyewear technicians, and opticians. We work together in order to guarantee a frame that makes a statement in any setting, that is technically reliable, and that keep the compliments flowing.