Our goal is to add extra quality and style to the long-lasting product we use every day…our frames.

For this reason, we collaborated with the Spanish designer: Mirta Congost, to add that little bit of extra to your look, by releasing our own personalized eyewear chain.

Each eyewear chain, has been handmade in Pforzheim, Germany, in limited, numbered batches.
Each chain has been made on equipment that dates back more than 100 years and each one, truly celebrates the art of traditional chainmaking.


Mirta Congost, is a freelance designer, based in Germany.

She focuses on finding solutions for any design and is responsible for facilitating the discovery and delivery of the solution. As a result, opening us up to new ways of thinking and shining a light on new perspectives.

She has been mentored by the masters who work with Mont Blanc, Niessing and Cartier and continues to practice traditional jewellery- making techniques in order to keep the traditions alive.
Dividing her time today, between Pforzheim, known for its jewellery and watch-making industry, and Idar-Oberstein, internationally recognized as the gemstone center of the world, she brings together these 2 worlds harmoniously, into her creations today.


Roberta and Mirta met through mutual friends, and from their first meeting, they began discussing art, craftsmanship and sharing their stories and experiences about their different worlds, one world being that of eyewear and the other jewellery and gemstones, to only discover how close these worlds actually are.

Their meeting came at the perfect time, as Roberta has been wanting to introduce accessories; however, she was searching for the ‘soul,’ to ensure that even when we create something, outside of our know-how, we always go to where there is tradition.

Once learning about Mirta’s experience, and seeing her commitment to her projects today, Roberta knew she would be the perfect person to bring this project to life.

At TAVAT, we strongly believe in aligning with like-minded individuals who share the same commitment of providing a quality product, and do not take any shortcuts in their creations.

We are beginning to introduce accessories for the full-look and experience, thinking about how to complete your eyewear needs, by further ingraining luxury and class into everything that we do.
We hope you’ll fall in love with these chains, just as much as we did.


To this day, traditional craftsmanship techniques are consistently used in the manufacturing of chains.

During several months, there are multiple handwork touch points, which is carried out step by step by skilful masters to produce just one chain. The result, is a product made with a quality that is incomparable to anything produced mass-market.

Each chain is made from a blend of alloys. Rolling mills, presses and drawing benches, some of which are 100 years old, are used.

The process begins with a wire that is passed through one of these historical machines.

Each chain is then mounted, assembled and each link is soldered to one another, by hand.

The plaques are made with incredible force using a traditional hydraulic press.

Each chain is subjected to a stress test during the so-called ‘aligning’ process. After this, the chain is perfectly straight.

Each chain is plated with either an antiqued gold or an antiqued light gun finishing.

Each chain is paired with adjustable spring rubber ends to cling onto the frame.

To achieve a flawless result, we place a high priority on every little detail. Integrity and perfectionism inspire us to keep raising the bar.